Music as metaphor and inspirationsource


Teamwork, is it going to be noise or harmony?

  • How can we get more out of the cooperation than we are getting now?
  • How do we make sure that silo thinking gives way to cross-selling and cooperation?
  • How do we get to know each other better after the reorganisation?
  • How can we make use of our differences?


As a little boy, Richard was already touched by the power of music and words. That is why, in this sparkling musical presentation or workshop, he compares a department, team or organisation with an orchestra. The characters of the employees can be compared to musical instruments that each have their own character, sound and timbre. Do you play the quiet bass or the trumpet that takes initiative? Richard uses the Belbin Team Roles model as a basis (which he has also applied successfully in his own businesses), which is supplemented with current models such as those of Patrick Lancioni, Barbara Fredrickson, Ofman, etc. In addition, he can draw on countless practical cases that he has experienced as an entrepreneur, certified in his own right, and also as a leader in the field of human behaviour. SCIL and Belbin trainer and the content from the 2 books he has written on this theme.

After this interactive, musical presentation, you will know exactly what work is ahead of you!


Nice reactions from the audience

If you find the right tone, all of life is music.

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