Future music can't be heard
and can't be played.
It is composed by us,
note by note, in the here and now.

Richard de Hoop


Change is always happening.

Lately, however, things have been moving at a slightly faster pace than when we were chasing mammoths in groups of 10, with a heart rate of 400 and a dose of adrenaline that would scare you.

The other day in the news, they showed a robot that not only opened the door but could also do a backflip. Can you do that at all? Strange. Funny. And although somersaulting is not the most exciting development, it is also a bit scary. Where is this heading and what will our world look like in the future? What will our future music sound like?


The future of work

  • Who will make the decisions for you? Google or you?
  • Who will do the work: a tireless AI robot or you?
  • Who will make the economy circular: the companies, the government or you?
  • I am really curious about your answers! And above all, what are you going to do to remain of value and play along with this future music.

"Almost anyone, can't do almost anything! Almost anything is possible if everyone participates!"

Richard de Hoop
Does that give us the answers?

Can music answer our questions? Can we find answers in the songs from the charts? Answers to questions such as:

  • How do we hold our own?
  • How do we remain valuable?
  • And how do we provide strong shoulders for our children to stand on?

Richard takes you back and forward in time. Well… not really, of course, but he does take you along in the transition that we are all going through. The transition that is caused by globalisation, robotisation, bio- and neurotech, blockchain and you name it! What happens when robots take over our jobs? Will we work less? And what will we do with the remaining time? It is impossible to give an answer to this question, because we are not there yet. What we can do, however, is ask ourselves how we ensure that we can hold our own under all this tech violence. How do we ensure that we change with it and prepare ourselves for the future?

Music of the future

You don’t know it, your neighbour doesn’t know it, nobody can know what the future sounds like. Maybe Joost, but even that is doubtful. You cannot play future music. As soon as you play it, it is no longer future music, it is in the here and now. We can think about it and practice it. We can try to imagine what it would sound like. What notes we would play together, what words we would sing and what instruments we would use. 

Remain valuable in the future

As a guest speaker, Richard explores how you can remain valuable in the future and how we can make “Future Music” together. He asks you fundamental questions and dwells with you on which qualities you we will need more than ever. Let’s get futureproof!

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