Develop resilience as
an individual or organization


From classical to jamming!

“Without resilience no cooperation. Without cooperation no resilience”. During this keynote, Richard takes you into the world of resilience, agility, change and collaboration.  Let’s get futureproof and start jamming!

Shi(f)t happens whether we plan things or not. Especially unplanned changes affect employees and business relations. The good news is, we can (learn to) adapt. Whereas classical music used to be the highest musical art form, now rap and combos of different artists are bon ton. Whereas an organisation used to be able to make plans with a 10-year time horizon, nowadays looking 6 months ahead is quite an art. Whereas in classical music everything was planned, arranged and directed, nowadays we have to react quickly to changes in our environment. That is where jamming comes in.  In jamming, everyone uses his or her talents. We start from a basic tone and then we experiment with that. The basis for successful “jams” is in:

  • trust each other
  • support one another
  • using each other’s qualities
  • complement each other and appeal to each other
  • direct feedback from your audience (customers and stakeholders)
  • resilience through teamwork


With music as a metaphor, Richard shows in this presentation how you can make the step from classical to jamming.


Nice reactions from the audience.

"Resilience: Your airbag in adversity and the turbo on your personal development".

TEDx presentatie

About developing resilience!

To be “fit” for the future as an individual and as an organisation, developing resilience is essential. During this keynote Richard shares with you the most important insights on how to develop resilience and agility. After a drastic personal event, he experienced how important it is to consciously work on this (as an individual or as an organisation) and what benefits this has for you. Watch his TEDx talk on resilience.


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