Virtual or hybrid, always interactive!

An online or hybrid presentation requires different skills from a speaker.

That is why Richard immediately set to work from March 2020 on:

  • setting up a professional studio (lighting, multiple backgrounds, multi-media equipment)
  • working with multiple cameras
  • shortening and making presentations more interactive
  • working on and with different platforms (Zoom, Teams, Webinargeek, Airmeet, Vimeo, Streamyard, OBS)

Interaction is the magic word.

Content: Online, the viewer is more easily distracted and tired. Therefore, my online presentations are shorter and with more interactions.

Design: We have also tackled the visual material and by using three cameras and multiple PCs we create an interactive TV experience.

Delivery: I was already an entertrainment person and we have expanded this online, let yourself be surprised:-)

Technology as amplifier.

I have been using music as a metaphor since 1995. So all the audio equipment was already in place. We expanded this with 3 cameras, professional lighting, multi-media circuits and a stable fibre-optic internet connection.

By working with large backdrops (3 different backdrops are possible) I can approach the live experience (as live as online can get;-). We also have a Podcast studio where we not only record our own Podcast but also custom-made Podcast episodes, yours up next?

If you find the right tone, all of life is music.

Give me a beat

On the right you can see a recording from my home studio streamed via Streamyard. You can see my presentation including Q&A during the IPMA best practice congress 2021. Scroll through to get an impression.

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