There aren't many speakers who sing
and there are few singers who speak.
Richard de Hoop does both, with passion!


I can sing in three voices, loudly, off-key and with great enthusiasm.

Clients call him a true professional, passionate, enthusiastic, motivating, inimitable and someone who is able to communicate serious content in a light-hearted way. In short, an inspiring speaker!

Richard is an internationally popular speaker because he is a dedicated, energetic, realistic optimist. As a true “homo ludens”, he uses music as a metaphor and source of inspiration to make his message sound even better. As an entrepreneur, he has started 4 companies in HRM services since 1991 and sold 2 of them in 2006. In 2014, after writing his 2nd book: Top teams are future-makers Richard launched the e-learning platform Team Talent Training, which makes it possible to develop team talents online. Active as an entert®ainer since 1995, he writes and speaks in a unique way on topics such as:

Richard de Hoop uses music as a metaphor and a source of inspiration for businesses and interactions within them. He compares the range and diversity of peoples’ characters to musical instruments; thus a drum represents an active, motivated, hands-on pacesetter, whereas the horn is the unobtrusive yet observant team player. Both are important for a successful team. Richard de Hoop uses a total of eight instruments to classify individual characters. The main message of his inspiring, passionate presentations is: only the joyful ensemble playing of the orchestra as a whole (the employees), working under a motivating conductor (their superior) can lead to a full sound experience and top performances from the entire group.

In his keynote speeches Richard de Hoop motivates his audience by calling on them to focus on the strengths of each individual and to place that person where he or she can best use their talents. Just as each instrument in an orchestra has its own musical role to play. He calls this the ‘Revolution of strengths’. Only when an individual operates from a position which is right for him can he demonstrate enthusiasm and passion in his work, thus enabling his team to strive for exceptional performance. Indeed, Richard de Hoop’s advice to all those who have a motivating leadership role is: ‘look for the sparkle in your employees’ eyes’.


Richard does not know that

  • 2011, Professional Speaker, GSA Steinbeis-Transfer-Institut Berlin
  • 2011, Certified Belbin Groen Team Role Trainer
  • 2011-present, Authorised licensor for SCIL Strategy in The Netherlands
  • 2010-2012, Executive committee member, PSA Holland
  • 1995-present, De Hoop Entert®ainment
  • 2004-2006, Bizzformit bv, (founded, developed and sold)
  • 1991-2006, Cat consultants bv (founded, extended and sold)
  • 1987-1991, Accounts Manager, Siemens-Nixdorf
  • 1985-1987, Sales, Cikam
  • 1984-1985, Sales, Afga-Gevaert
  • 1979-1984, The Royal Netherlands Army

"After silence, music comes closest to saying the unspeakable."

Aldous Huxley
Richard de Hoop met zijn familie


"It's a family affair"

In his spare time, he loves to exercise (running, going to the gym, skiing), to relax, to cook with friends and really wind down once a month with the “Hatseflats-club” (an aftercare group for the parents of children that have finished primary school;-).

Richard is the proud father of two beautiful kids and the happy husband from Jacqueline. Here together during their 25th wedding anniversary.


"Live is what happens to you while you're busy making other plans"

We love life! But we hat to experience the cruelty of life on the 23th of Octobre 2015. After a wunderful day of shopping, my wife Jacqueline and our daughter Sanne got involved in a car accident which our lovely daughter did not survive. Because we are ever so proud of her and grateful of the 20 beautiful years we had with her we want to remember her here as well. For us, it is very clear, that you need friends to get by. That is why we want to share the musical memorial for Sanne with you. It is written by Franck van der Heijden and sung by Joris and Richard. Bfly for ever…

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