Music as metaphor and inspirationsource

Keynote speaker Richard de Hoop on teambuilding

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  • How do we get more out of the mutual cooperation than is currently the case?
  • How do we ensure that silo thinking is replaced by cross-selling and cooperation?
  • How can we get to know each other better after the reorganisation?
  • How can we make use of our differences?
  • Genuine innovation does not come about. How can we get the suggestion box out of the dust again and become active in the cloud?

Noise or harmony?

During this whirlwind musical presentation or workshop, Richard compares a department, team or organisation to an orchestra. Employees' characters can be compared to musical instruments, each of which has its own character, sound and timbre. Are you the normative, quiet bass or the enterprising trumpet? Richard uses the Belbin Team Roles model as a basis, which is supplemented with current models such as those of Patrick Lancioni, Barbara Fredrickson, Ofman and others. In addition, he can draw on countless practical cases he has experienced as an entrepreneur, certified Belbin trainer and the content from the 2 books he has written on this theme.

From classic to jamming

Classical music is the highest form of instrument control, but it is no longer enough to enrapture our audience. Large organisations (classical orchestras) are currently being overtaken on both sides by small, agile and scalable startups (jamming). These startups are incredibly agile and behave like musicians who have continuous energetic jam sessions where new ideas are tried out and turned into action. In this presentation, Richard will discuss the elements that will take you from classical to jamming:

  • continuous development of the individual musicians towards virtuosity
  • build trust
  • making mistakes is allowed and we are going to enjoy it
  • use the concept of helping each other
  • who knows a new solo may lead, we will follow
  • enjoy the direct feedback from the audience (client/customer) and the fellow jammers.

After this interactive, musical presentation you will know exactly what kind of work there is to be done!

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