”To inspire people from more than 35 European countries, spread from South to North and from West to East is not an easy task… but Richard did it! Nicolas Florin CEO Gs1 Europe

Music as metaphor and inspirationsource

Wich instrument do you play?

What is your tune?

Where words fail, music speaks. Hans Christian Andersen.

Without music, life is a journey through a desert. Pat Conroy.

Writing about music is like dancing about architecture - it’s really a stupid thing to want to do. Elvis Costello.

Simplicity is the mastery of complexity. Richard de Hoop.

If I were not a physicist, I would probably be a musician. I often think in music. I live my daydreams in music. I see my life in terms of music. Albert Einstein.

Entertainment with a message, Entert®ainment.

Music can change the world because it can change people. Bono.

The wise musicians are those who play what they can master. Duke Ellington.


Can you be passionate in your job? Absolutely; it’s obligatory! Passionate employees are better achievers, are more resilient, optimistic and loyal to their employer. Engaged employees not only perform better, but also have a positive effect on their co-workers’ attitudes. During this presentation we will share in the participants’  search for those activities, sources and topics that drive us to excel in our jobs. 


What is passion, how can you become and stay passionate? Together, we’ll consider the conditions each company needs to provide in order to give free reign to their employees’ engagement.  We’ll tackle some though subjects and go in search of the breathing space that everybody needs to continue to work with passion. 


How do you become and stay engaged, and how can it be useful! We will search for the passion and engagement in your job, and the parts that you, the managers and your colleagues have to play in it. One way or another: ‘we will rock you!’


Your desire equals your ambition. What are the objectives you and your organisation would like to accomplish? What part can your passion play, and how will you use it? 

An important motivator in your job is to carry out meaningful tasks, in a manner that is enjoyable. Our ambition fades and we become downhearted. Annoying regulations, non-cooperative colleagues, computer systems, seagull managers, endless discussions or boring meetings can dampen our passion. Together, we will examine how we can banish these “false notes” from our symphony. 


Joop Albeda, who coached the Olympic Gold Medal winning Dutch volleyball team, once said: “Passion in sport doesn’t mean what need to do, but what you can’t do.” If your passion and desire are strong enough, you develop the determination immortalised by Labi Siffre in the lyrics of his beautiful song, ‘Something inside so strong’. 

Managers, as the conductors of the orchestra, have been given the wonderful task to ensure that their employees can hold onto their dreams with passion. As it was beautifully put by Benjamin Zander, conductor of the Boston Philharmonic: “The conductor’s task is easy: he/she needs to make the musicians’ eyes shine!” 

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