One of the most sought-after and popular guest speaker on teambuilding and resilience.

Richard de Hoop comes from the Netherlands and has been involved in team-building, team-development and social innovation events as an keynote speaker and Entert®ainer since 1995. He is a certified Belbin Team Role Trainer and a  highlight at kickoff meetings and opening and closing sessions of large-scale events in the fields of business and sport. As a professional speaker, he compares human personalities with musical instruments. Richard de Hoop loves life, people and music and on stage he combines all these elements with enthusiasm and passion to create a harmonious orchestral whole which both fascinates and inspires.

  •   Challenges you to deliver a top performance
  •   Encourages to develop those talents you enjoy and that will lead to better results
  •   Sees passion@work as a condition to a life and a job that matters
  •   Energises the audience
  •   Has 25 years of experience, spoke in 17 countries and inspired over 520.000 people from over 50 different nationalities
  • SBH Professional Speaker
  • Best Performer 2012
  • Extraordinary Speaker 2013
  • Belbin

Average score of 8.9